C++ Level II Training

Prerequisite: C++ I

Level II


  • Introduction
  • seperating interface from implementation
  • constructors
  • destructors
  • data

Principles of programming and software engg.

  • problem solving and software engg.
  • OOD(Object oriented design
  • Top-down design
  • Information hiding

Data abstraction

  • abstract data types
  • C++ classes
  • header file, implemantation file and mail file

Linked List

  • Pointer based linked list
  • displaying contents of link lists
  • Inserting and deleting data from link list
  • pointer based implementation of linked lis
  • comparing array-based and pointer based link list
  • designing stack
  • designing queue
  • variation of the link list (singly ,circular , dummy and doubly link lists)

These(any 2) projects cover most of the array and link list (singly and doubly) concept to design the program.

  • Banking system
    Bank accounting system depositing into acct., displaying balance by name, balance, acct etc, withdrawing from acct, deleting the acct .

  • Book store transaction
    Calculating the whole system of a book store means doing a transaction of all the books inside it, selling the books all day by writer, amount, or by name and getting returns from the customer and giving them refunds and calculating the whole transaction of the day.

  • Library System
    Finding the book from the library where there are already 1000s books by author, title and checkout from it and see how many left in there. and more...